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Performance Management.
Audit revealed a cultural disconnect as well as a need to norm Management Style to personality types and skill sets of the team members.


  • Coaching sessions with individual management and team members
  • 3600 Scientific assessments: Hard -wired, soft skills and Team Engineering bouquets
  • Coaching and training sessions with entire team to extract, understand and integrate:
    1. Practices
    2. Processes and;
    3. Management style
  • Post class follow-up coaching to align skills sets and engender greater productivity.


Visibly improved communication between C-Suite and team

Greater workflow

Enhanced productivity

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The facilitator’s ability at Chrysolite Outsourcing Ltd to create and maintain interaction is great. Sharing experiences at the basic level gives room for learning. Her capacity to identify with client challenges professionally and facilitating solutions is vital to real learning.

Obinnaya Uruakpa
Executive Director, TV Business Channel

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